JACO CrossFit Program:

JACO CrossFit Program:

Are you still not getting the results you're looking for? Maybe it's time to join the fastest-growing strength and conditioning training trend known as CrossFit. This vigorous CrossFit training program combines weight training, aerobics and gymnastics all in one so that you become fit in every area of your game. The goal is to be functionally fit: to push every aspect of your body to the max so that you’re healthy, strong and in shape. Not just so you can lift a ton of weight or run a minute mile, but so you’re fit in all ares of fitness.


Nothing works faster to get you into the best shape of your life than JACO’s world-class CrossFit training Program. 

From our Certified Expert Trainers, to our personalized coaching, to our state-of-the art equipment, Jaco CrossFit raises the bar to new heights. We're not like a typical CrossFit box. Our program here in Boca Raton, FL  is gaining nationwide recognition, offering several opportunities per day to get your CrossFit “fix”.


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New to CrossFit? Don't sweat it!

The best part about JACO CrossFit's training program is that anyone can do it. All of the exercises featured in our CrossFit Workouts (“WOD’s”) can be scaled based on your fitness level and any physical limitations.

During each class we demonstrate proper form and the safest and most efficient ways to complete the exercise(s). Plus, we demonstrate different ways to scale the workout based on each student’s capabilities.

Our certified coaches will spend one-on-one time to show you how safely perform all the movements, before your first workout. Along the way, they’ll also monitor your progress to ensure you’re not making technical mistakes, or using weight you’re not ready for. With JACO, your safety comes first!

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1. Constantly Varied

Every WOD is unique to the one before it, so your body doesn't plateau. Your body is adaptive. It's as simple as that. Are you repeating the same routine every time you go to the gym?

Chances are your body is on to you. It knows your old routine by heart therefore making your efforts far less effective. Crossfit keeps your body guessing by introducing different movements.


2. Functional movements performed at high intensity

Ever picked up a heavy box off of the floor? You’ve already performed a deadlift. Maybe you then lifted that box overhead to place on a high shelf? Congrats! You’ve also performed a strict press.


When we say functional movements, we mean movements you perform almost every day.


Our goal is to help you perform them safely, quickly, and efficiently. By performing these strengthmovements at a high intensity, you’re not only increasing your strength and stamina, but also reaping the benefits of an intense cardio workout.


You will achieve more in 5 minutes than you would 30 minutes on a treadmill


3. Short AND Effective Workouts

If you don’t have the time to spend an hour on the treadmill staring at the wall, the CrossFit Workouts of the Day (WODs) are what you need. One of the main benefits of CrossFit is that you can be finished in a matter of minutes — literally.

In a span of 15 or 20 minutes, you’ll be asked to complete as many rounds of a specific circuit as you can. By the end of it, because of the aforementioned intensity and effort, you’ll have burned more calories than you would have sleepwalking through a regular workout.

One day you might do 4 rounds of kettlebell swings, box jumps, and sit-ups. The next day you might be doing as many rounds of pullups, pushups, and squats as you can perform in 20 minutes.


We're training you to be a machine whether the workout is 5 minutes long or 30 minutes long. Our Coaches will teach you to pace yourself so you can stay in constant movement and get the most out of each workout. 


4. Community

Our CrossFit Box is not just a class full of random people- We are a community. CrossFit is about competing against yourself not others. At our box, everyone has the same goals in mind: to push ourselves and get in the best shape as possible. Your coaches keep in touch with you to make sure your coming to class and montior your progress along the way to ensure your improving. The camaderie at our gym is part of what makes this exercise experience so unique.

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